joi, 25 iunie 2015

A Dublin plumber gives advice to new homeowners

People get excited when they move into a new home, especially because it’s new. But they need to make sure they know a few rules of maintenance that you should respect, no matter what.  
First of all you should get a good look at the plumbing. Although you are not a professional plumber, you will tell if there is any kind of leak.
One professional Dublin plumber gave me some simple rules to follow and I decided to share them with you.
Also, one of the simplest rules of “healthy plumbing” is to “never throw down the toilet, or the sink, or the basin of the garbage disposal anything that can create a clog”. In this category you find anything from tissues to small pieces of plastic, wood or metal. If you have children, toddlers, do not let them play near the toilet – the instinct of “let’s throw this in the toilet and see what happens” will instantly wake and they will leave you with a very sour surprise.
Also, you should keep a calendar of things you should do regularly.
For example, each month you should make sure to:
  • Clean the dishwasher drain bin;
  • Clean the sink disposal from the kitchen;
  • Also run water and flush the toilets in the bathrooms or other rooms in the house you do not normally use.
Each year there are some things that will help your piping last longer. Therefore, include on your list:
  • Cleaning the showerheads and clean the sediments;
  • Check the bathtub and the basin for any leaks and cracks;
  • Insulate water pipes in the unheated areas, to avoid winter cracks and spring leaks and floods.

Hopefully the Dublin plumber didn’t waste his time on me, and I hope my house stays safe for as long as possible. For more tips and information feel free to visit the website.

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