marți, 10 februarie 2015

Where can I find plumbers in Dublin

Living in big cities has its advantages, of course, but oh dear, how many disadvantages as well. In a small community you feel protected, while in a big city you are happy to even find someone to talk to. The thing is not even in your darkest times, no one can help you, in a big city.
This happens either because they are too busy, they don’t care, and they actually can not.
I found this fact all on my own when I had real “house problems”. One morning I woke up to a leak. Not just any leak, but one big enough to rapidly transform my house in a pool.  The first thought I had in mind was where do I find plumbers in Dublin? I was new in town, I barely knew anyone, and any second now my neighbors would find out about my leak.
I grasped the yellow pages and started calling all the plumbers in Dublin I could find. I have finally found a team that could arrive at my house in less than an hour, but I had one more problem. How would I contain all that water and prevent it from damaging my downstairs neighbors?
I pulled all the towels I could find in my closet and started absorbing with the towels all the water I could.
When the plumbers arrived I was still trying to contain the water. They saved me when they pulled out of their bag some sort of a vacuum cleaner that sucked in all the water and then they threw it in the sewer. When they were gone a few hours later, my house was dry again, and the pipes were all fixed. I am going to remember this episode for the rest of my life, but at least now I know where to find the best plumbers in Dublin.